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Last Updated : 23rd January 2014
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People’s Manifesto for Equality, Justice and Dignity

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A group of Civil Societies formed a ‘National Platform on People’s Manifesto’ and came up with a People’s Manifesto through wider consultations with people at large by holding direct meetings, signature campaigns, and social media interactions. The manifesto reflects the demands and aspirations of the marginalized and the poor sections living across the country. After finalizing the People’s Manifesto, the representatives of the group is meeting members of manifesto committees of different political parties to influence political parties’ manifesto.

The broader network of CSOs include: Alliance for Right to Early Childhood Development, Campaign against declining child sex ratio, Child Rights Coalition, CASA, CRY, Indian Social Institute, National Adivasi Solidarity Council, NCDHR, Nine is Mine, OXFAM India, PACS, RTE Forum, Save the Children, Youth- unManifesto, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, World Vision.

The key points of the manifesto:

  1. Ensure highest standards of healthcare accessible to and affordable by all upgrade the public health facilities and address as a priority health emergencies such as maternal and infant health and mortality.
  2.  Prevent health conditions from worsening by ensuring universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.
  3. Protect education as a fundamental right by effectively implementing the Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009, arrest drop-out rates and improve quality of teaching and learning outcomes.
  4. Ensure nutritious food for all through effective implementation of the National Food Security Act.
  5. Recognise housing as a human right by ensuring decent living conditions for the urban poor and protection of the rights of displaced persons.
  6. Strengthen implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA (MGNREGA) Act, commit to urban employment and create decent employment opportunities for all across sectors.
  7. Defend people’s rights to land and forest as pledged in the recent legislations. Safeguard agricultural productivity, forest and other natural resources from the profiteering interests of private land developers and extractive industries.
  8. Ensure equal opportunities for women by protecting their economic, social and political rights, ensuring political participation and adopting a zero tolerance policy for violence.
  9. Protect the right of every child to survive, be healthy and safe
  10. Eliminate all forms of discrimination and social exclusion against dalits, adivasis, muslims and persons with disabilities.
  11. Repeal with immediate effect, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalises homosexuality, create policies and legal safeguards to protect the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community from cruelty and ensure they lead a life of dignity, equal opportunity.
  12. Pledge to invest in the young, create an enabling and inspirational environment to unleash their fullest potential.
  13. Commit to accountable governance
  14. Prioritise and strengthen human rights and access to justice

Other Manifestos by our partners

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7. National Adivasi Solidarity Council - Adivasi Demands for 2014 Election Manifesto.docx
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