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Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) is a national civil society platform initiated in 2004, following the World Social Forum in Mumbai with the aim to ‘monitor governance accountability to eliminate poverty and social exclusion in India’. Over 3,000 civil society organizations and network members are associated with WNTA. It works through anchor organizations and civil society leaders in the states and is closely associated with civil society networks and forums.


WNTA has three central pillars to its work – a) brings out a review report of the union government on their performance annually, based on their electoral promises and constitutional mandates; b) brings out an annual review report of the SDG (previously MDG) progress in the country and c) articulates people’s demands and aspirations, to the political parties, before elections, through ‘People’s Manifesto’. WNTA is the national partner of the Global Call for Action against Poverty (GCAP) and other global SDG platforms and processes. 

There is a special focus on promoting the Right to Livelihood, Health & Education and we work to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of the socially excluded communities such as Dalits, Adivasis, Nomadic Tribes, Women, Children, Youth, and the Persons with Disabilities are mainstreamed across programs, policies and development goals of the central and state governments.


We believe that the involvement of a citizen should go beyond being a passive voter in democracy to being an active participant in various processes.  To promote that, we prepare a people's manifesto before various state and center elections through pro-active engagement with citizens to capture the real concerns and aspirations of the public. This has helped influence the manifestoes of multiple political parties and also helped echo the citizens' voices in the form of electoral promises such as the Right to Food and Right to Education. 

WNTA is a non-partisan campaign having no affiliation to any political party.


Details of our 2019-20 convenors and steering group are given below.

SDG Shadow Report 2019 National Release,

Roshni Nuggehalli

Co- Convenor

(Based in Mumbai)


Annie Namala


(Based in Delhi)


A K Singh

Co- Convenor

(Based in Ranchi)


Steering group

Alok Vyas, Rajasthan

Babloo Loitongbam, Manipur

Beena Pallical, Delhi

Bharat Bhushan, Uttar Pradesh

Daniel Edwin Jayadas, Chennai

Dr. Syed Maharul Hasan, Madhya Pradesh

K.A. Jayakumar, Delhi

Ketan Kothari, Mumbai

Namrata Jaitli, Delhi

Pramod Kumar Singh, Bihar

Rahima Khatun, West Bengal

Santosh Kumar Giri, Kolkata

Shireen Miller, Delhi

Steve Rocha, Delhi

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